Union Budget 2014 – Focus on Healthcare Need of the Hour

The Indian Healthcare services sector faces several challenges, this in spite of having some of the best doctors, nurses and excellent talent in all disciplines of healthcare delivery. While we continue to lag behind on several health parameters laid out by WHO; we are also facing an even more grave challenge from lifestyle related disorders i.e., Cardiac diseases, Cancer, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Neurological conditions etc. We have the knowledge, technology and the necessary skill sets to deal with these challenges; what we need is an enabling environment to quickly scale up the infrastructure to be able to deal with the situation. Policy makers need to understand the gravity of the situation and focus on making necessary changes in the policies to tackle the situation. This has to be followed through with the allocation of adequate resources and the active participation between the Public and Private stakeholders in healthcare delivery.
The challenges can be categorised broadly into 3 headings – Shortage of Skilled Manpower, Bottlenecks in Infrastructure, and Enabling Access to Quality Care. Read more