Marketing Communication & Promotions Service

We understand the challenges in healthcare marketing as providers are increasingly getting organized by customer segment. Our marketing programs and communication packages are designed and developed in accordance with three key principles:

  • Authenticity & accuracy of message
  • Continuity & consistency in interaction with the stakeholder groups
  • Regular feedback on customer response.

Our services bring the right mix of creativity, design and content to ensure marketing effectiveness.

a. Digital Media

  • Medical animation 2D & 3D
  • Website development & maintenance
  • E-Newsletters, E-Zines
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Direct mailers
  • Corporate films, Patient education videos & walk-thru.
  • E-learning/medical services training

b. Events & Publicity material

  • Outdoor campaigns (Hoardings)
  • Promotional campaigns & Road shows
  • Medical conferences / CME’s
  • Stalls & Exhibitions
  • Media management & Events
  • Brochures, information leaflets
  • Indoor signages
  • Hospital stationary designs
  • Corporate style manuals
  • Annual Reports