New Projects Services (NPS)

  1. Concept Stage – Market attractiveness, Business strength and Segment feasibility analysis culminating in a Project report (2parts) market feasibility report and a comprehensive business plan.
  2. Project Entry Stage – Business strategy formulation, Consulting on finance – budgeting, Structuring & funding, Service & facility planning.
  3. Project Progress Stage – Project progress monitoring & reporting, fund disbursement, expense control and auditing.
  4. Project Commissioning Stage

i. Marketing Communications

  1. CRM and customer orientation training, developing the Annual Operating Plan, marketing department structure, marketing plan, performance review mechanism and MIS.
  2. Launch event planning and management, services development, productising of services, assistance in service pricing, brand building, corporate communications strategies, PR and media management strategies.
  3. Hospital stationeries standardization and designs, brochures and communication literature, website development and hosting.

ii. Finance

  1. Institutional financial health troubleshooting
  2. Investments & business investments – cost/benefit analysis
  3. Cost rationalization advise
  4. Acquisitions/joint ventures valuation
  5. Employee stock options/ incentive plans
  6. Business risk/sensitivity analysis
  7. Treasury analysis & advise on dividend policy, stock re-purchase, lease/buy analysis
  8. Strategic plan preparation, tactical action plans and performance evaluation metrics.
  9. Contract negotiation support
  10. Finance MIS